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Adam Jeník: Fokker D.VII

The "adult" Fokker D.VII first flew in January 1918. Aeroplane with wingspan of 8,93m driven by Mercedes D.IIIa engine with 180 hp could reach maximum speed of 186km/h and climb with the speed of 240 m/min. Armed with two 7,92mm LMG 08/15 Spandau machine guns.

Peanut model of Fokkeru D.VII in the Ernest Udet version according to Fokker D.VII in Action book was designed and built by Adam Jeník. Model has wingspan of 330mm, covered with Starspan (9g/m2) paper with surface printed by inkjet (produced and deliveder by, they sell and send these types of printed Starspan upon request). Peck polymers propeller 6" (150mm).

So far the best Fokker position is the second place in Indoor Teplice 2007 and third place in F4F Teplice 2007

[Ruja from Adam's source material]

Few images:

 building and photo Adam Jeník

Fokker D.VII prior t...

 building and photo Adam Jeník

Top view reveals the...

 building and photo Adam Jeník

Inkjet made lozeng (...

 building and photo Adam Jeník

Expressive wide almo...