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Peanuts, aka F4F

Peanuts, miniscales with wingspan up to 330mm (13"), were from its start around 1975 the smallest miniscale models to compete with. In the eighties this privilige was overtaken by Pistacio miniscales, but the number of suitable aircraft capable of flying when scaled to pistacio wingspan of max. 203mm (8") is much smaller than airplanes able to fly with wingspan of 330mm and therefore the peanut is still holding its position of "royal" miniscale category.

Zeppelin (Lindau) Dornier CS.1 by Adam Jeník (photo: Ruja)

Zeppelin CS-1

Peanut can be build in the kitchen, living room, prefab storage room on A3 drawboard. Both material and tools can be put to the box you can hide from [siblings] [kids] [wife] [pets] (stike out when inapplicable). The building contains only minimum amount of activities for which it is better to give your wife a credit card and send her for longer shopping madness - only the spray-painting can threaten the family relations. Your complete hangar can be easily transported in Mini Cooper trunk. With peanut you can fly in gym of average size and you will stretch your body when climbing wall bars that caught your peanut's propeller when breaking the record fly time.

And now more seriously: as any other free flight scale models, the peanuts nowadays belong to the red book of endangered categories. There are only a few events compared with the past, usually attached to other indoor categories. The preliminary year of Teplice F4F 2007 was an exception and a prommise to the future. In comparison with M-min category the peanuts are in slightly better shape also due to the official FAI rules (download "volume F4") and by being the official F4F category. In Czech republic the rules are a little different, see Rules section. Those rules are sometimes denoted as "Alfery rules" (the similarity with the name of top miniscale modeller, organizer of legendary contest in Hluh near Uherské Hradiště and currently the owner of Alfamodel company making the extremely well flying RC miniscale models is not the similarity, it's the same Antonín Alfery). Those rules seems more logical and simply better to the people from around here.

Where to get additional information?

There is slightly more sources compared to M-min, but mainly in English. Apart from the book "Modely letadel s gumovým pohonem" (ISBN 80-251-0042-1) by ing. Koutný mentioned in M-min section you can find e.g. Bill Hannan's books "Stick & Tissue International", "Peanuts & Pistachios" and others. Rarely you can find information about peanuts and contests in magazines as "Aeromodeller International" or "Flying Scale Model".