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Reports from events

Report from Josef flying in Děčín, 2008 New

During Easters even the modeller stops for a while in coloring his latest model, but once the eggs are painter correctly, he/she hurries to opening of peanut season in Děčín. Report by Robert Pajas can be found [ here ]

Xmas Icicle, December 15th, 2007 - Peanuts, Pistacio

Take a look at the report by Robert Pajas regarding the just-before-Xmas miniscale competition in beautiful Děčín hall

Teplice, July 21st, 2007 - Peanuts, Pistacio

This year the only indoor competition devoted only to miniscale Peanut and Pistacio models organized by KE-PNUT TEAM in the hall of Teplice ice-stadium - Preliminary year Teplice F4F

Teplice, June 23rd,2007 - Peanuts

Peanut contest attached to Indoor 2007 brought plenty of models and luxury hall. Mode about the competition in Robert Pajas' report