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Reports from events

Openscale 2009

Openscale 2009, Brno-Medlánky, 30.-31.5.2009

17th Openscale 2009 ruled by bad weather took place on its traditional spot: Brno-Medlánky airfield

Rudolf Drnec Memorial 2008

Rudolf Drnec Memorial 2008, Brno

Traditional end of the season in Brno Medlánky. Take a look at the event report where bad weather was the main player.

Openscale 2008

Openscale 2008, Brno-Medlánky, 25.-26.5.2008

19th year of Openscale 2008 enriched for FACE categories was held in Brno with surprising number of new models.

Rakovnik miniscale 2008

Rakovnik miniscale 2008, Rakovník

Rakovnik miniscale made its third year. M-min, RC miniscale, rapeirs and CO2 miniscales, all in one event in friendly atmosphere...

Rudolf Drnec Memorial 2007

Rudolf Drnec Memorial 2007, Brno

Traditional end of season competition of M-min in traditional place - Brno, Medlánky. Report can be found here

Openscale 2007

Openscale 2007, Brno

Traditional competition of rubber powered miniscale models "Openscale 2007" took place in Brno, Medlánky. Report is a bit late, but finally you can find it here