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About site

It's been six or seven years the pages devoted to miniature scale models were created ( Two webmasters changed and pages slowly lingered and finally died. The fate similar to some miniscale categories. This web would like to be a better successor, because believe it or not, questions were asked about the death of This web was born due to Felda's egging on on both discussion forum and outside.

There should be space for all the mini scale categories - 1/20, peanuts, RC miniscale, Rapier powered, CO2 (if there are any). Not one man, not two can get the material from such a broad range. So if you have interesting photographs, plans, if you are organizing an event where miniscale models occur - send us an email.

These pages are prepared by (for now)

ISim Design, server management, various blathering.... editor in chief
Ruja English translations, photography, beginners point of view
Felda Mainly RC section and archives

If you want to contact us, send your contribution, photograph, etc, please write to: minimakety[at]minimakety[dot]cz