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What's new here...


During 25.-26.6.2010 the traditional indoor miniscale models competition F4F 2010 will take place in Teplice winter stadium hall. Check the invitation in Coming events calendar.


Busy designer / builder / pilot Jan Straka is introducing his new plane, electric powered RC miniscale of famous soviet ground attack plane IL-2. Apart from description and photos you can also find nicely drawn building plan.


After some break we have a description of model building, this time unorthodox type Blohm Voss BV.215, selected as the RC miniscale by Josef Baco.


Fifty models under one roof ? Peanuts, pistachios, RC miniscales so tiny you can't see it with your bare eye ? Ruja finally finished translation of Robert Pajas' Teplice F4F 2009 report!


Vacation is almost gone, kids have trouble to get school ideas out of their heads and scale rubber powered models builders can not wait, Rudolf Drnec Memorial 2009 will take place in Brno-Medlánky on Saturday, September 5th 2009. Official invitation is in Callender section.

Ruja is back from disasterous China Total Solar Eclipse science trip, so we can expect awaited translation of Teplice F4F report soon.


The information about Koutny's book has been updated. See the Rubber powered models book offer for details.


After a week from the event, Felda's report on OPENSCALE 2009 is here. Apart from the report you will find the results and rich photogallery caught by Ruja's and Felda's lenses.


Rubber Powered Models book by Lubomir Koutny in English ? Computer Press, the publisher of this classical book is ready to start the English version of the book if there are at least 1000 copies orders. See the details.


There are many contributions waiting for English translation, however the import thing is that several events dates are now set (Openscale, Rapier Summit, Teplice F4F), so don't forget check the Upcoming events section!


The end of year is almost here, and it looked as there will be no update on the server in 2008. However, Adam Jeník made another beauty RC peanut after his astonishing Bucker Bu133. So enjoy Adam's Gloster Gladiator.


We received the invitation for International Indoor Fly-In 2009. Event takes place in Holland, so for Europeans it is close from everywhere.


Small (well, miniature) offer of the plans on our server has a new member: Borel hydro chemet 2 seater. The author and garantee of great flight properties of the model is Lubomír Koutný. And if this model is too difficult for you, be patient, it is not the last plan we obtained from Mr. Koutny for publishing......
On behalf of all the potential builders, thanks !


Editors were quick this time, and just a few days after the event you can read and admire photographs in Rudolfa Drnec Memorial 2008 report.


Thanks to Jan Straka we can now present the very first plan for Rapier powered model published on So enjoy his Yak 15.


I know that the gap between chapters in Mr. Tompkins in Miniscaleland is much longer then we promissed, however finally I finished translation of chapter 3, focused on tools.


RC miniscales have one huge advantage over their free flight brothers - it can be controlled ! Another model which landed in our mailbox is model of famous Sopwith F.1 Camel built and flown by Jan Straka.


One of models introduced at Teplice F4F competition was Adam Jeník's trip to RC miniscaleland. Let's take a look at his superb Bucker Bu 133.


All the pictures finally have their notes, check aggregate image gallery of Openscale 2008.


Long awaited report from Openscale 2008 is here, written by Felda. Enjoy...


In RC miniscale section Felda added report from "zero" year of RC electric miniscale friends meeting on model airport at Horna Streda u Piešťan.


Drahoslav Dvořák wrote and Robert Pajas perfectly prepared for our server the report from Rakovnik miniscale. Thanks on behalf of all our readers.


One of beautiful models introduced in Openscale 2008 (report still in progress) was German fighter Focke-Wulf TA152H-1 by Adam Jeník.


In Rapier Summitu 2008 report we promissed to return to some of the new models, here is the first swallow, or we better say twin rapier - Martin XB-51 by Adam Jeník. [Ruja]


In our editorial email appeared contribution from Jan Straka, who zoomed M-min plan from Antonin Alfery, added common RC equipment and now can fly. Short description and photos of his RC miniscale S.E.5a. [Ruja]


Openscale report is still in progress, while waiting you can take a look at Ruja's first miniscale ever: rapier powered Blohm Voss BV215. [Ruja]


Twenty days since the last addition might seem too long, but don't worry, editors are working hard, as the last weekend the biggest Czech miniscale event (Openscale) took place. The report is being prepared, however the report from the Rapier Summit (which took place at the same time on the same place) is already done, so you can enjoy it here. [Ruja]


With only slight delay we finished the second chapter of Mr. Tompkins in Miniscaleland, this time focused on material. You can find it [here]


If you read the first chapter of Ruja's miniseries, you can easily estimate whether model of pylon racer Horkey is suitable for beginner or not. In any case do not miss the information sent to us by model's author Ing. Lubomír Koutný. Details can be found here in M-min->Models section. [ISim]


If one is a beginner and have noone to ask for advice, the miniscale start can be tough. I was lucky as I'm literaly surrounded by experienced miniscalers. For those who are not that lucky I decided to write down a miniseries for beginners from beginner point of view. So if you have the courage, enter the world of Mr. Tompkins


During Easter even the modellers stop for a while to paint their wings and focus on eggs instead. But once the eggs are in good shape, the modeller runs to the peanut season opening in Děčín. More info about what is hidden under the shell of this year new models can be found in Robert Pajas report [Ruja]


Adam Jenik could not resist our email massage and sent us the materials about his models. Therefore we can proudly announce that model section in M-min and Peanut is not empty any more. Only Rapier model section awaits for the first brave modeller. Anyway, take a look at M-min models and peanut models. [Ruja]


Thanx to Felda the gallery of CO2 driven models was extended.


We received official invitation leaflets for Rapier Summit 2008 and Teplice F4F events, more information can be found in Upcoming events section.


Bernard Guest created discussion group for FAC modelers on following address: This opens the space for public discussion regarding FAC categories (which will be introduced on Openscale 2008).

The second news of the day is that thanx to Radek Gregovsky initiative we opened CO2 Archiv section and started photogallery there. Hopefully this will inspire others so we will receive more photographs with descriptions from the archives... [ISim]


After many many changes we received final official version of propositions for Openscale 2008 . As we wrote earlier, this year there will be a premiere of FAC Jumbo Scale category and also exhibition competitions in other FAC categories, including attractive and popular mass launches. FAC categories are under direction of Bernard Guest. Let's hope that there will be a lot of models in Medlanky, and that weekend 24.5.-26.5. will be remembered as great miniscale experience. [ISim]


Roel Lucassen from Netherland sent us the invitation to IIFI2008 competition, which is taking place in March in Nijmegen city. We gladly added the invitation to Comming events section. So if you are waiting for the possibility to travel through borders without annoying passport checks after the Czech Republic joined Schengen, how about to make a trip to Netherlands in 15.3.2008 with the trunk full of peanuts and pistacios?


By pure luck I found that Felda has been busy and made RC miniscale photogallery available. So the labels are now translated and you can take a look at the gallery. [Felda, Ruja]


We obtained historically the first plan given by it's author to be published on MinimaketyCZ server. If you don't know what to start with on this year Openscale, how about to try Letov Š-39 according to Radek Gregovsky plan? [ISim]


In a very beautiful hall in Děčín (not only) miniscale modellers met, to put their models up the sky, instead of desparetely hunting for the last minute Xmas gifts. See more in the report by Robert Pajas. [Ruja]


Felda started the peanut photogallery archive. Take a look at the first photos there... [ISim]


Free flight miniscale models are not in the mainstream of current modelling world, no matter what drive is used. But how do RC miniscales do ? Felda attended with his models traditional Jeti Model Meeting in Hranice. How he saw this event by miniscale modellers eyes is written in his report.


After publishing preliminary propositions for Openscale 2008 we received email from Bernard Guest stating that propositions are incorrect with respect to Jumbo Cup. We asked Bernard to write a short introduction to these categories and he did not just agreed, but quickly send the text. We expect to get an update of Openscale 2008 propositions as well in near future. And now let's take a look what is Jumbo Scale category about.


Medlanky were devoted to M-min contest last sunday - "Rudolf Drnec Memorial". We prepared for you small photoreport as promissed. And this closes up the season in M-min category and we will have to wait for long eight months for Openscale 2008.

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