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RC electric scale Horná Streda (SR), 17.5.2008

On May 17th the meeting of friends of RC miniscales was held on private model airport at Horná Streda close to Piešťany. Meeting, organized by Dušan Sedlár was presented as "zero" year with ambition to become an annual event. However regarding propagation I can characterize the event as illegal and secret one, at least for most modellers living in different places then space between Nové Mesto nad Váhom and Trnava. Where exactly the airport is was nowhere on Internet, the only map in Ing. Gašparín's web located the airport roughly south of Horná Streda. However, everybody but me found the place with no problem. I got lost, run on the field roads around the country to come to the airfield from unexpected direction. So if you will ever try to find the airfield, the entrance is from state road connecting Piešťany and Horná Streda, see the map.

Map model parking


Model parking

The number of modellers and models was not very high, but very prestigeous for RC miniscale: Štefan Gašparín with his colleague from Říčany, Antonín Alfery with his son from Uherské Hradiště, Juraj Cok, Juraj Jurovic and Jaro Müller brought his unfinished model as well. Each name is a model ikon. Number of models, even if not exactly miniscales were brought by domestic modellers.

So what exactly was there to see? Tonda Alfery brought known models from his Alfamodel company, the most interesting ones were new Albatros D.V and Corsair, Spitfire and Beaufighter equipped with retracts and flaps. WWII fighters were overdriven as usual, the same holds for ducted fan Sabre, but it was useful in the windy weather.

Sabre takeoff, the oldes member of Alfery family is throwing, the youngest one is at the controls Saber controlled by Ladík Alfery, youngest of Alfery clan Here is the model with his pilot Bristol Beaufighter

Sabre takeoff

Sabre piloted by Ladík Alfery

Model and its pilot

Bristol Beaufighter

Beaufighter with the designer and pilot, Antonín Alfery Functional flaps and retracts F4-U Corsair taking off Fw-190D taking off

Beaufighter with its designer

Functional flaps and retracts

F4-U Corsair takeoff

Fw-190D takeoff

Abatros D.V, new item in Alfamodel production Spitfire Mk.V preparing for takeoff Lavochkin La-5 from Alfamodel production, controlled by Juraj Jurovic

Abatros D.V

Spitfiru preparing for takeoff

Lavochkin La-5 by Juraj Jurovic

Štefan Gašparín with his colleague brought oldish Ansaldo SVA.5, with size only slightly exceeding peanut. In spite the strong wind the model made several brave flights. Štefan also introduced beautiful Pottier PT-100, built by Michalm Vosika and Piper Cub from Juraj Cok worktable. Pottier was brand new, with two wing versions, one with ailerons, second without for elevator/rudder control only. All mentioned models were equipped by brushless drives from Ing. Gašparín production and micro RC equipment, I was particularly interested in one gram proportional servos.

Pottier PT-100, designed by Michal Vosika, introduced only statically, waiting for trim flight View into Pottier insides Piper J-3 built by Robert Cok, equipped with drive and RC elements from Ing. Gašparín There was enough space in Piper cockpit for scale details

Pottier PT-100, designed by Michal Vosika

Insides of Pottier

Piper J-3 byilt by Juraj Cok

Piperu cockpit detail

Detail of mechanical mix ailerons/rudder. Notice servo controlling the ailerons and the rudder Old Ansaldo SVA.5 byilt by Antonín Alfery, now equipped with modern RC equipment Ansaldo is equipped with two thermoservos and Penta receiver, single LiPol cell, motor is brushless outrunner from Ing. Gašparín

Detail of ailerons/rudder mix

Ansaldo SVA.5

RC equipment in Ansaldo

In unremitting wind two Extra's from Microinvent production were flying almost all the time, controlled by Juraj Cok and Juraj Jurovic. Size of a peanut, desing suitable for indoors, in spite of that the models were showing variable aerobatic maneuvres. Sufficient power of mini AC drives fed by single LiPol cell and great piloting of both modellers enabled flying in air bumps.

Models Extra by Microinvent, piloted by Robert Cok and Juraj Jurovic Extra by Microinventu Juraj Jurovic Extra flying shot Extras were doing aerobatics in spite the strong wind

Extras by Robert Cok and Juraj Jurovic

Extra from Microinventu

Extra in flight

Extras made it in spite the strong wind

But the most impressive for me was the model which Jaro Müller brought out of the trunk of his car with his typical humility. Beautiful RC miniscale of Beneš - Mráz Be-60 Bestiola was covered after several years of occasional work. Model is made into the smallest detail, e.g. the functional mechanism for tipping the wings for transport, made in exact scale manner is something one must see. The owner promissed to work on the model, so there things we can look forward to.

RC miniscale Beneš-Mráz Be-60 Bestiola by Jaro Müller Scale model is made upto the smallest detail View on perfect laminated engine cowl, one can see that Jaro Müller already made a few Scale wing tipping

Beneš-Mráz Be-60 Bestiola by Jaro Müller

Bestiola is almost finished

Laminated engine cowl

Scale wing tipping

So what is there to say at the end. Events where modellers focused on RC miniscales can fly, meet, talk and see again almost forgotten faces and show what new models they have got has my sympathy. The audience can come off course, but such event is not primarily model show for public with hotdogs, beer and megaphones. Maybe it would be good to advertise more around the modellers and shorter grass on the airfield so RC miniscales could takeoff from the ground. And maybe differet, later date, so one could use close sandpit with blue water. The heat was enormous this year.