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Ruja: Blohm & Voss BV215

Blohm & Voss BV-215 was designed at the end of WWII as another unsual creation of Dr. Richard Vogt. Night fighter was based on BV-212 design. Airplane with wingspan of 14.4m and length of 11.6m was supposed to be powered by twin Heinkel HE-S 011 engines with top speed 870 km/h. As far as I know, the prototype never made it in the air. More info about the plane can be found on

BV-215 is my first miniscale model. I have never built anything like that and experiences gathered on the way will sequentially be published in Mr. Tompkins in Miniscaleland miniseries on this server. ISim helped a lot with advice and also with the finish, thanks a lot! Model is build according to Steve Bage plan, which is available on Mike Stuart web, here in particular.

It's hard to believe that building took two years. On last Rapier Summit the model was already painted and almost ready to fly, but it was finished just the night before Rapier Summit 2008. I'm a slow builder. Felda and Adam Jeník helped to trim the plane on RS08 (thanks again guys!) and I can confirm that model flies nicely, in spite pesimistic predictions of Lubomir Koutny. So if you like the planes of unusal appearence, I can recommend Blohm as your first rapier miniscale.

Empty model (without motor) weighs 19g and is powered by L2 HP motor. I still have to do cabin frames, but that should go easy. The pictures are in the gallery below.