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Adam Jeník: Zeppelin Lindau CS1

The original aeroplane somewhere flew somewhere at some time, however, I have not found anything about the plane. Once I find any information, it will be here.

Peanut model of Zeppelin Lindau CS1 was designed and built by Adam Jeník with great help of Lubomír Koutny's plan. Model has wingspan of 375mm and fuselage is 229mm long. Covering is done by Starspan tissue (9g/m2) printed with the ink jet printer. During the fuselage finish the aluminium pigment was mixed to the lacquer to get the best surface. Decals used are made with ink jet. The undercarriage struts are reinforced with boron and covered with paper (boron is used by F1D modellers), so it survived the trimming test flight in the hall with no damage. Propeller is made of 0.6mm plywood.

So far the best position reached on competition (and probably there will be no improvement, as Adam's last note about the model is "and now it's gone...", once we know the reasons it will be published here) is the fourth place on F4F Teplice 2007

[Ruja from Adam's source material]


 building and photoAdam Jeník

Model prior to cover...

 building and photoAdam Jeník

Model just prior to ...

 building and photoAdam Jeník

Complete beauty, the...

 building and photoAdam Jeník

The exposure of naug...

 built by Adam Jeník, photo Ruja

Flight photo from Te...