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Adam Jeník: Bücker Bü 133

Original Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister is single-seat aerobatic biplane, driven by radial seven cylinder engine Siemens Sh 14 A-4 with power of 118 kW (160 hp). Technical data: wingspan: 6.60 m, length: 6.02 m, height: 2.20 m, empty weight: 425 kg, take-off weight: 585 kg, maximum speed: 220 km/h, cruise speed: 170 km/h, ceiling: 4 500 m, range: 500 km

Peanut model of Bücker Bü 133 was designed and built by Adam Jeník from resources available at and Flugzeug Profile 029 publication. Model with wingspan of 300mm is covered with Starspan tissue (12g/m2) with coloring by inkjet printer (produced by The propeller from 0.6mm plywood is fit in hard aluminium tube, hub is made by adjustable bearing from Derek Knight. After balancing the current weight is 13.2g.

[Ruja from Adam's source material]