Openscale 2007




Particular categories of old-timers will compete according to national rules, i.e. for BV-1 and BV-3 maximum of 90s, for BV-2 150s, BV-min. 60s Absolute winner will be determined in FLY OFF- single flight with no limits, or if there are not more than one competitor with three maxims then the one with the lowest loss...

Absolute winner in categories M-min and oldtimer BV will obtain award of 5000 Czech crowns (CZK) + cup, there are awards for the second and third as well. Similarly the best of young people (up to 15years) will obtain financial award of 3000,- Czech crowns. Petřík's cup for young people up to 15 years old with oldtimers BV (without class difference). The winner will obtain the cup and diploma, all the others will obtain little gifts.

Time schedule

Applications and deposits

Seniors 100,- CZK, non-profits 50,- CZK, young 0,-
send up to April 30, 2007 to the adress of the competition director: Ing. Lubomir Koutny, Zahrebska 33, Brno 616 00, Czech Republic tel. +420 549 252 561




Airfield will probably run ordinary glider traffic, starting place - after the briefing with flight controller, follow the instructions of organizer, the competition is in the official callendar of CMMS actions, but there is no additional insurance


scale and old-timer modellers from Brno with friends of small models



non-competition categories, mainly RC miniscale models both commercial show flights and fun flights must be coordinated to avoid frequency problems, category M CO2 + el. will be added to the competition if there is more than 10 competitor prior to April 30, 2007